17th April 2015 – Fucked Up – Triumph Of Life 7″

Sometimes being in various vinyl related groups can be a great thing. Sometimes it can be lethal with the possibility of spending a little bit more than I’d like to on some records. But then on occasions when something comes up and is too good to miss out on you just have to grab it.

Like when a Fucked Up 7” single for “Triumph Of Life” comes up, brand new at the price of just £2. There really is no reason not to grab it straight out of the blocks. I had no idea what colour it was pressed on, if I was honest I was expecting a standard black vinyl for that price. But, when it turned up and is an amazing purple splatter effect I was very happy indeed.

Looking on Discogs, this is likely to be the second press of this one, limited to 1000. But I have never really been one for all the presses, I’d rather just ensure I have a copy of a release. Let’s face it, the songs are the same whatever the colour of the vinyl and how rare the pressing is.

A great addition to the collection this one.


Discogs info: http://www.discogs.com/Fucked-Up-Triumph-Of-Life/release/1540356

17th April 2015 – Fucked Up – Triumph Of Life 7″

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