11th April 2015 – A quick trip to Notting Hill…

A trip to London with my 10 year old daughter with the main intention of her getting a new scooter. Which she did do by the way. But, of course there is the chance to nip into Music + Video Exchange in Notting Hill on the way.

After a quick flick through the hardcore & US punk sections of which they had some really nice new records, but not with nice prices. They did have a copy of the 1982 issue of The Vandals “Peace Thru Vandalism”. Admittedly I haven’t ever seen this Epitaph issue before, but was never overly fussed but it, original line up of members but not the band that made an impact on me. And for £22 it’s definitely way off the menu. You can pick up a re-issue of it online for around a tenner usually.   So after scoffing at the prices of some of the records we nipped to the basement for a quick little rummage to see what we could find down there at a price that suits.

I was about to give up and then had one final look in the indie section and managed to find a copy of Postcard CV by Senseless Things for just 50p! Pretty chuffed with that, even if the cover had a little bit of wear across the top of it, for that price you can’t go wrong. Obviously, this incensed me to keep on flicking through and when I found another Senseless Things record for just a quid as well “The First Of Too Many” and knowing that these are two I definitely don’t have on vinyl, I knew it was a good day. Also picking up a 12” copy of Kayleigh by Marillion for the huge price of 10p, a pretty happy little shopping trip there and not much spent at all!


Total Records: 3   Total Spend: £1.60

I didn’t visit any charity shops or check out the ‘Y’ section, so a zero No Parlez score today.

11th April 2015 – A quick trip to Notting Hill…

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