Welcome to my vinyl collecting blog. I’m not one of those new collector’s who’ve just discovered the joy of the vinyl record, some may call them hipsters. I’ve been a huge vinyl collector for more years than I should probably admit. In fact the first record in my collection was a Shakin Stevens 7” of “This Ole House” (and yes, I do still have it!).
The recent resurgence of the vinyl format has been a massive boost over the last few years and definitely helped my addiction when labels and bands started releasing stuff on vinyl, not just on CD. With re-issues now as well and albums getting a long overdue release on vinyl this can only be a positive thing for music. Not so positive for my bank balance however.
But, there are ways to add to your collection without spending s fortune, it fact it can be more fun trawling through countless records in the hope of bagging something decent. That elation is insane when you find something worthy of adding to your collection.
I won’t bang on for ages about that right now, this is just a brief introduction as to why I’ve decided to write this blog. So, the plan is to write about the records I find and more about the hunt than the actual records getting reviewed. It’s all for just for fun and yes I admit it. My name is Mr. T and I am a vinyl addict…


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