5th April 2015 – Ardleigh Car Boot Sale

An early(ish) start saw us heading to the Ardleigh Car Boot sale. 50p for a car to get in, not too bad at all. And the vinyl hunt wasn’t too bad today. I purchased a few items from a couple of stalls, some more with the intention of selling on as well at some point.

One stall offered LP’s for £1 and 12” singles for 50p. After rifling through a few boxes I picked out eight 12” singles and one LP to try out from Altered Images. If I am honest I only know their catchy “Happy Birthday” song, so it’ll be an interesting play at some point. Couple of old Kylie 12” singles and a few fun ones like “Do The Bartman”. £5 spent, 9 records added.


The pickings were not great to be honest, this was my second ever visit to this car boot sale, last time out I picked up a Fuzzbox shaped picture disc, nothing so exciting today.

Just before leaving though I found another box of items, LP’s all a quid a pop and picked up a Whitesnake album and also a classic looking metal album from Thor. Now, I know nothing about Thor, just that they did a really bad film called “Rock & Roll Nightmare” so decided to have a punt on it for a laugh.


Total Records: 11 Total Spend: £7.00

No Parlez Score: 1

5th April 2015 – Ardleigh Car Boot Sale

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