4th April 2015 – Colchester

I had a day to kill in Ipswich and spotted that there was a record fair just down the road in Colchester, seemed like the perfect scenario to me. Free time, records to flick through, yes please.Photo3252

So I headed down the A12 and made it to the venue around 9.45am, not too bad at all, the venue was open and the 50p was handed over to a very friendly chap manning the door who mentioned future dates. Great start. Sadly though I was informed a few people had dropped out and a few dealers were missing today, one had a car breakdown, another had an ill wife. Anyways, there was maybe5 or 6 in total and there was a healthy enough turnout. You could flick through the boxes without waiting and not really being rushed or crowded. At one stall I heard some negotiation where 2 records changed hands for £350 cash. This was one of those buyers who really knew what he wanted and was using apps to check prices. Gone are the days of people thumbing through the Record Collector rare price guide. Luckily my collection isn’t really the stuff you’d find in the guides, I do it more for love and fun than anything else. If I see something I like the look of, it’s cheap enough or fun enough, then what the hell, it’ll be welcome in my collection.

c1So after looking round the stalls there wasn’t really a whole lot that caught my eye sadly. The only possible was a copy of “Lick” by The Lemonheads. It was a tenner, but I’m not into picking up extra copies of records that I already own. I have the Fire Records, coloured vinyl re-issue of it, If I didn’t have a copy on vinyl of it at all I would have snatched that one without a second thought.

I decided to have a flick through the 50p 12” singles on the way out and was able to not quite leave empty handed which was nice. Admittedly I didn’t need any of the 12” singles I picked up, all just for fun. There was a nice Shampoo 12” that has an etched b-side to it.

Photo3319And then a flick through the £1 LP’s resulted in a nice find of Happy Daze Volume 2. Released in 1991 on Island Records this was a short lived compilation series of underground indie bands. This one featured the likes of Dinosaur Jr, Top, Carter USM, The Cure, Lush, The La’s, Thousand Yard Stare and more. Yep, loads of bands I’ve seen over the years and have all the tracks by the bands I do like on this one already. But you know what, this is a nice release and I never owned it. I remember a friend having it on CD back in the day. I also have volume one of the series that I have actually owned since back in the day, so this does go very nicely with that.

Colchester Record fair over and after a chat with the guy who runs it and a stall holder for a fair few minutes before leaving it wasn’t the most successful but I did get a few fun items.c3

Total Records: 6   Total Spend: £3.50

And then onwards to see if there were any bargains to be had in the Colchester Record shops. I found a fair few but mostly the usual, James Last albums, classical LP’s and nothing that took my fancy. I did find one Oxfam that had a decent section, but as per usual with Oxfam stores, the vinyl was a tad overpriced and nothing worth the asking price.

I should also make note now that the amount of copies of “No Parlez” by Paul Young that I spot on my travels is always one of those comedy moments for me. You can normally always find a copy on the vinyl hunt travels. The good news is that I did indeed find a copy in the charity shops. So we’ll add a No Parlez score to these posts when I can.

c2No Parlez Score: 1

And with that the Colchester trip was complete.

4th April 2015 – Colchester

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